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A Swiss-based international intellectual property firm specializing in US patent, trademark and copyright law as well as international registration of such rights. We are fully capable of meeting your patenting needs in Switzerland, Europe, and the United States.

We offer our clients access to advice of an International patent attorney and experienced US patent attorney, without them having to fly to the United States. Our accessibility means that you can obtain the advice of a US patent attorney as well as an experienced Euro-trained patent attorney, in Europe, without having to pay travel and accommodation costs associated with flying a US patent attorney to your locale.
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For those using the Patentstein Browser, collaboration includes collaborative document editing, document sharing, virtual online tours of web-based information, shared to-do tasks, and docket reminders sent by email.

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A member of our network of experienced patent professionals (a patent attorney or patent agent) is available to help you find the answers to your preliminary questions on intellectual property related questions.
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Where you need guidance or advice on your freedom to use existing technology, or whether your innovations are patentable, we leverage our comprehensive network of trained and experienced patent searchers to help you meet your patent information needs online, 24 hours a day.

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