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At PATENT INFO.NET, our mission is to give technology managers access to reliable resources of patent information in order to help them make the correct strategic decisions. By being responsive and attentive to the client's needs, we build our reputation among small and medium sized businesses in Europe, the US and throughout the world.

Especially designed for innovators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as companies and individuals who seek first class international patent counsel and cannot otherwise obtain it locally. PATENT INFO.NET provides what such clients need in virtual collaboration.

PATENT INFO.NET is offered to you by Da Vinci Partners LLC, a Swiss-based firm specializing in preparing and filing Patents and Trademarks for small and mid-size firms.

In its embodiment as Da Vinci Design IP Resource, this site was the first private website on the subject of intellectual property law; it was established in 1993 by John Moetteli, an International IP Attorney featured on the Discovery Channel's Invention series.

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